Reliable Machinery New Atmosphere Welcomes Foreign Customers

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Waiting for over three years, Reliable Machinery will welcome our foreign customers to visit our factory again. After the new year, Reliable Machinery held a meeting to discuss the refurbishment of the office and workshop. 2023 new year and its new atmosphere, we will present Reliable Machinery's better corporate culture and workshop environment to foreign customers who are about to visit, so that customers can see our changes, our new ideas and our pursuit of new things. We have gone through the polishing of the epidemic, and everyone knows how to cherish the good work and life. I believe that customers can also feel the humanistic care/technical innovation and beautiful vision for the future of Reliable Machinery!

In addition to the redecoration of offices and workshops, Reliable Machinery has also attracted more talents to join our family, and the company has further improved in team management/technology research and development and production. In 2023, Reliable Machinery will increase capital investment, to expand our production capacity, to meet the needs of more customers, to speed up production progress, to shorten delivery cycle, and truly achieve rapid response and short-term delivery; In terms of pet bottle blowing machine, water&beverage filling machine and OPP labeling machine, we are also moving towards the goal of high output, variable pitch high-speed blow molding machines/water and beverage filling machines with capacity of above 20,000BPH/rotary OPP labeling machines with capacity of over 12,000BPH, to meet the high demands of high-end customers production demand, and more energy-saving and environmental protection.

The company philosophy of Reliable Machinery: Accompany the growth and development of customers, and do our best to maximize the benefits of customers!

If you are also interested in water & juice & carbonated beverage production line, pls do not hesitate to contact Reliable Machinery Team (Whatsapp: +86 15150250830), we shall try hard to achieve a mutual win-win.


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