Reliable Machinery's High-Speed CSD Filling Machine Impresses Russian Customer

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Last week, Reliable Machinery welcomed a visit from our Russian customer. The main purpose of this visit was to check and accept the trial operation of the customer's 60-heads High-speed Automatic CSD Filling Machine with an output of 20,000 bottles per hour.

“The Reliable Machinery line has raised our operation to an entirely new technological level”, says Adil Aliaskarovich - Technical Director in client's factroy. "Whether it is the preliminary project consultation or the follow-up technical communication, Reliable Machinery has given us a lot of creative ideas and different solutions, so that we can get a perfect customer experience."

Reliable Machinery

The acceptance work was very successful. In addition to the already completed carbonated beverage production line, the customer also plans to purchase another juice production line. We have already begun to customize a special juice production line plan for the customer. With the technical experience of top engineers and perfect Quality management system, I believe customers will be amazed by our results again.

Since 2005, Reliable Machinery has been focusing on the R&D and manufacturing of liquid food packaging machinery and the "turnkey" project of the whole line. It has continuously developed new technology patents, obtained various qualification certifications, and made continuous efforts to help customers save resources and increase production capacity. Innovation, truly realize green environmental protection/low energy consumption/high efficiency.

Reliable Machinery

I believe that with the completion of the 60 heads of our Reliable Machinery‘s high-speed and high output line, including our continuous demand for the quality of the product, I believe that there will be more diversified products in the future, and higher-power products are waiting for us Go to complete it step by step to achieve it.The details determine the success or failure. The invisible details, Reliable "control" for you.

After 15 years of precipitation accumulation, Reliable Machinery has become a high-tech enterprise with multiple distribution and after -sales service outlets. According to customer requirements, we will tailor the solution. One cooperation to provide guidance services for life.

If you want to know how to produce bottle -loaded drinking water and build your own company, please contact the Reliable Machinery Sales Team (WhatsApp: +86 15150250830), and we will share all the details with you.


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