Reliable Machinery New Model of Linear Type OPP Labeling Machine

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-- Are you still scrambling to save on label costs?

-- Are you still troubled by the large energy consumption of traditional labeling machines?

-- Are you still discouraged by the expensive rotary OPP labeling machine?

Then take a look at our newly developed linear OPP labeling machine, it will solve all your troubles.

More and more bottled water companies choose OPP Hot Melt Glue labeling machines, but due to the high cost of rotary OPP labeling machines, some manufacturers with insufficient budgets will still be discouraged. In order to meet the needs of these buyers and allow more and more customers to use the OPP labeling machine, after 2 years of research and development, Reliable Machinery finally produced an economical and applicable OPP labeling machine, which is more affordable and suitable for start-up customers. 

 OPP labeling machine

What are the advantages of the linear OPP labeling machine?

  1. Lower machine price: Compared with the rotary OPP labeling machine, the price of the linear OPP labeling machine is more acceptable to most customers, and they are willing to try to replace the sleeve labeling machine.
  2. Low cost of labels: Compared with traditional PVC labels, the cost of OPP labels can be saved by half.
  3. More energy saving and power saving: by using OPP labeling machines, customers can save electricity bills and reduce operating costs.
  4. High speed and easy operation: the new linear OPP labeling machine, the maximum production capacity can reach 8000BPH, which can meet the needs of small and medium-sized customers, and the operation is very simple, which brings convenience to the operator.

Reliable Machinery’s newly developed linear type opp labeling machine, with lower price than old version.

This OPP machine has lower label cost and power consumption compared to the sleeve labeling machine. As an economical alternative equipment, it will bring more profits to customers in production.

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