Why Do We Need Water Treatment?

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Why do we need water treatment?

As an indispensable resource, water resources have been considered inexhaustible. With the continuous development of human society and industrial modernization, the quality of the water environment is deteriorating and water shortages are becoming increasingly serious. These have increased the load on cities and brought about a series of ecological and environmental problems. Through water treatment systems, raw water can be purified into pure water for daily consumption or even mineral water through the addition of some minerals.

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What is water treatment?

The water treatment referred to is not sewage treatment in the general sense, but water in its normal state that can be utilized. This water comes from a variety of sources, such as surface water, river water and treated domestic sewage,in order to meet the water quality standards set by the state. As social production, life and water are closely related, therefore, the field of water treatment involves a wide range of applications, constituting a huge industrial application.

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What is the significance of water treatment?

Water treatment is now an integral part of industry and life. Reliable Machinery has 15+ years of experience in water treatment systems. In the water we use, no matter which water, the cation content of water is often Ca+, and anion content is often HCO3- , these two ions when the concentration is high, will form calcium carbonate white precipitation, and the deposition of these if not treated by the human body to drink, will endanger health. It will also cause a reduction in the efficiency of the water heater, and more seriously, will encourage the reproduction of certain bacteria. Water treatment equipment can bring us an effective way to safe drinking water. It can greatly maintain our health and reduce the harmful effects of harmful substances in the water on our bodies.

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The method of water treatment

Reliable Machinery Company’s water treatment system includes silica sand filter, activated carbon filter, precision filter, reverse osmosis(RO), ozone sterilization and UV sterilization, which can provide different degrees of water purification, bringing us a good pure water drinking experience, and can drink fresh and safe water at any time.

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