Tips For Buying A Plastic Bottle Blowing Machine

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As the price of crude oil has risen, the price of plastic raw materials has also risen, and various manufacturers are also looking for better ways to maintain profits to save costs. The rise of environmental awareness has also led many countries to implement plastic restrictions. Saving energy and reducing pollution have become important indicators to measure the quality of a product. In such an environment, many manufacturers are striving to find better quality and stable blow molding machines to save plastic costs, which also poses new challenges to blow molding machine manufacturers like us. This article will focus on how to choose a blow molding machine and why you need a Reliable Brand blow molding machine.

What types of blow molding machines are the most popular in the market now?

There are usually 3 types of plastic blow molding machines, extrusion blow molding machines, injection blow molding machines and special structure blow molding machines. Stretch blow molding machines can belong to extrusion blow molding machines.

Generally speaking, for ordinary-scale water and beverage manufacturers, high-quality and stable stretch blow molding machines are the best choice. It can not only effectively improve work efficiency and time, but also save manual operation time and greatly improve the production efficiency of enterprises.

How should I choose the best blow molding machine for me?

1. Capacity: According to your production output requirements, choose a machine with parameters such as 2 cavities, 4 cavities, 6 cavities and so on. Reliable Machinery will recommend the most suitable blow molding machine according to your production rate.

2. Stability: The stability of the equipment is crucial. Now the working time of the blow molding machine is long, usually not less than 10 hours. The equipment runs unstable for a long time, which will affect normal production.

3. Hot-filled or not: For hot-filling beverages, the blow molding machine needs a heat-resistant blow molding machine, which has special treatment for the bottle to prevent deformation during the filling process.

4. Price: You get what you pay for, please choose the best blow molding machine in the appropriate price range.

5. Reliable Machinery After-sales service: During the operation of the machine, it is inevitable that some situations will occur, and a perfect after-sales service system and spare parts services are essential.

6. Air source: All blow molding machines need to be equipped with an air source because the interior is pneumatic. The combination of the air compressor and the blow making machine is very important. They must satisfy each other and avoid insufficient air pressure or waste of excess resources, which cannot achieve the purpose of high energy saving rate and cost saving.

7. Strict quality control: It is recommended to inspect the qualification, management level, and scale of the production manufacturer, whether it has obtained safety certification, and to check the safety performance and technical performance of the product.

Why do I need a Reliable Machinery blow molding machine?

Reliable Machinery can provide you not only a blow molding machine but also long-term maintenance and cooperation to ensure the normal operation of your machine for more than 10 years.

Our advantages:

  • Most cost-effective in the industry
  • Free bottle shape design
  • Fully transparent manufacture progress tracking
  • Industry-leading production environment and standard production requirements
  • Continuous innovation in the production technology of blow molding machines
  • Stable servo motor driven loop chain delivery system
  • Patented mold-clamping technology
  • Spare Parts Stock Service and 2 years warranty
  • On-Site Machine Installation and Testing services
  • Professional Engineer Offline Training Service
  • Advanced microcomputer PLC control system, more stable
  • Easy operation, simple maintenance, and safe operation
  • Rigorous technological process and the failure rate is low
  • Fault alarm, and diagnosis system, make maintenance more convenient
  • High-efficiency, energy-saving, economical, safe, environmental-friendly
  • German Siemens / Japan's Mitsubishi imported interface program, stable performance, and simple operation
  • Longer service life and lower machine maintenance costs
  • Suitable for the production of various types of PET bottles

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