On-going Installation Project of CSD Production Line In Ghana

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Here in this article, we are going to introduce a beverage machinery installation and commissioning project in Kumasi, Ghana. Different from other suppliers in China, we can promise you engineer on-site installation and testing until everything is running smoothly. This unique advantage has been one of our biggest advantages and also attracted many clients to work with us.

Ghana is known as the "hometown of cocoa", and Ghanaians are fond of drinking cocoa, coffee, green tea and other beverages. And with the rapid growth of teenagers and middle-aged people, the demand for carbonated drinks, fruit juices and energy drinks is increasing. It's an uprising market for the beverage business.

After discussion, we established cooperation with Ghana Customer in August 2021, and the client finally purchased two complete CSD production lines, with a capacity of 10000BPH each. We started manufacturing machines at the end of October, two months later, the equipment was delivered on time, and we completed the production of all the machines, including 2 sets of 32-32-8 3-in-1 filling machines, 4 sets of automatic bottle blowing machines, 12T RO water treatment, 2 sets of 3T mixing systems, 2 sets of automatic labeling machines, 2 sets of linear film packing machines, etc. COVID-19 has not stopped our efficient production and delivery.

Since July 14th,2022, our overseas engineers have begun to assist customers in the installation and debugging of the machine, we created a chat group which includes our professional after-sales engineers, overseas commission engineers, customers' engineers, and other relevant personnel of our company and customers, to timely communicate with each other about the machine and the installation process every day, and detailed debug reports will be updated every day. At present, the basic layout and connection have been completed, and the machine will start to run next week.

Reliable Machinery on-site installation and commissioning services save a lot of time for customers so that the machine can be put into production as soon as possible, also they can put their products into the market as soon as possible. Our customers trust and are satisfied with our machines and services, and are even considering purchasing a third production line next year 2023.

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If you are also interested in liquid filling packing machinery, or just want to know more about our installation services, which make us so different and outstanding, please do not hesitate to contact us. Reliable Machinery always aims at customer satisfaction with overseas engineer's commission. Please don't hesitate about our service and quality, we are always improving and we have become one of the best in this industry.


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