Trend 1 --- in packaging water industry! Hot!

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Trend One --- in packaging water industry! Hot!

Trend 1: Segmentation

  According to the food consulting company Zenith International, the children's water market will grow at a rate of 7% per year before 2021, and the Asia Pacific region will lead the global market. In the coming years, there may be more potential for growth in aquatic products for children and children aged 0-14 years.

  Bottled water for children is generally priced 20% to 50% higher than normal water, and has a higher gross margin. For businesses, this is a relatively profitable market.

Nongfu Springs "Baby Water":


  "Because of concerns about obesity, parents are controlling the intake of children's sugary drinks," said Esther Renfrew, director of market research at Zenith International. “Children’s bottled water is a trend that the entire industry is sensing.” In the international market, Nestle and Danone’s Evian have introduced children’s water.

"Nestl Live Water Children's Wear":

"Evian children bottle"19



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