Trend 2 --- in packaging water industry! Hot!

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Trend Two ---- in packaging water industry! Hot!

Trend 2: High-end

AORAKI-- High price in bottled water:


  According to Agence France-Presse, Danone announced the completion of the modernization of the only Evian factory in Haute-Savoie (Haute-Savoie) and plans to invest a total of 280 million euros in it by 2020. At the same time, Nestle, the world’s largest bottled water producer, also announced a plan called “Perrier Cap 2020”, which will invest 200 million euros in increasing the “Paris Water” production capacity. According to the plan, the "Paris Water" production line at its plant in Vergèze, France, will increase by five, resulting in an increase in the total number of production lines to 14.

  Coca Cola Valser Premium Bottled Water:


  In February of this year, PepsiCo launched the new high-end bottled water LIFEWTR™. The product currently has LIFEWTR in two sizes: 770 ml (suggested retail price of 2.06 US dollars) and 1 litre (recommended retail price of 2.70 US dollars). The 770 ml bottle comes with a convenient sports cap.




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