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Automatic QHS Carbonated Drink Mixer / Carbonator / CO2 Mixer Automatic QHS Carbonated Drink Mixer / Carbonator / CO2 Mixer

The machine is made with the newest technology introduced from Japan.It is in the leading position comparing with similar products in china.The mixer is mainly suitable for mixing process of all kinds of carbonic acid drink.It is also used in mixing of slurry drink,fermented drink and other drinks.

Machine Material:
  • SUS304/316
  • Co2 Beverage
Orginal Country:
  • Jiangsu, China
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  • Model: QHS series
  • Brand: Reliable
  • Code: 2019410

1. Syrup Melting Tank

This tank is with a thermal system inside; it is used to melt the syrup.

With jacket, heat insulation function

All 304 stainless steel construction, fine polish

Power: 0.37 blending motor

2. Syrup Filter

The function of the Syrup Filter is used to filter the melted syrup from the Syrup Melt Tank, after filtration, the melted sugar become clear without any impurity

Working Pressure: <0.2Mpa

Made of 304stainless steel

3. Beverage Blending Tank


Function: Mix the syrup, flavor and additive together

Come with 0.75Kw speed-adjustable blending motor         

Food Grade 304stainless steel construction, fine polish

4. Water Chiller

The water chiller is the system to make the cool water, feeding to the Plate Style Heat Exchanger

The tank contains compressor using F-12 as re-frigerant ,and with temperature regulator for automatic controllingit is necessary equipment for aerated water and sparking.

304 stainless steel water tank and machine shame and body


Vapouring area (m2): 22

Refrigerating capacity (kj/h): 117040

Water output: 2000 liter per hour

Output water temperature: 0-5°C

Power (KW):10Kw


5. Beverage Mixer/Carbonator

This Beverage Mixer/Carbonator is specially designed for soda and non-soda drinks such as lemonade, cola and juice, as well as for other soft drinks such as mineral water, grape juice, juice wine and apple juice.

The volume ratio of CO2 and 1L water is 2.0 to 2.8.

Temperature of freeze inlet:>0-4



6. Plate Style Heat Exchanger

Model: HE-6M2

This Plate Style Heat Exchanger is working with the water

cooler/refrigerator, using cycling cool water to cool down

the hot prepared beverage & production water with heat

exchanging theory.

304 stainless steel construction

Output material temperature: 3-5°C

Reliable sample service

1. Send you video of the running machine.

2. Welcome to come to visit our factory, see the detail of machines.

3. Well-trained & experienced staff are to answer all your inquiries in English and Chinese

Reliable Customized service

1. Design the machines according your requirements(material, voltage , filling type, various bottles, specially designed device and so on) .

2. Reliable Professional suggestion, as you know, our company is among the best in the beverage machinery industry and our engineer has experience for many years.

3. Design layout for you and offer you advice about machine orientation or based on the factory area you have.

Reliable After-sales service

1. Deliver the machine and provide the B/L on time to make sure you can get the machine quickly. Also send operating manual and instruction.

2. If you need, our professional engineer team will go to your factory to install the machine and train your employee until they can operate the machine well.

3. Regular after-sales calling to remind customers to add the lubricating oil and maintain machine.

4. Service office in Dubai and other countries and will also visit customers' factories to check the machines.

5. The machines from Reliable Machinery has one year warranty for free and totally five years life-long technical support.

6. 24 hours for engineer response


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