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August 4, 2022, the seventh day of the seventh lunar month, a special day, called Qixi, also known as Chinese Valentine's Day. On this day, most girls will receive gifts and flowers from their boyfriends or husband or even close friends. Besides these, is there any surprise from other people?

In the afternoon, every staff in Reliable Machinery was still immersed in their busy work, and suddenly heard the voice of Lisa, our general manager, from the door outside, "Wish everyone a happy Qixi Festival!" Turning to look, there are actually bunches of flowers and boxes of cakes. It turned out that in order to express appreciation for the employee's hard work and encourage everyone to achieve better results in the second half of the year, Lisa prepared this surprise for everyone one week in advance.

There is no doubt that Reliable Machinery loves its employees so much; of course, if you are a customer of Reliable Machinery, you can also enjoy our best service. Reliable Machinery Company not only has a professional sales team, but also an experienced technical team and a worry-free after-sales service team. One more unique advantage is that we have an exclusive overseas debugging team to install your machinery at the site of your plant.

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