Goods Delivery Day -- Reliable Machinery Production Department

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Today is also a busy day to load the machinery of our Morocco customer. Before delivery, all the machines and equipment have passed the strict factory inspection, to ensure that the quantity is accurate and the quality is qualified. This customer was recommended by one of our old clients. A good word-of-mouth recommendation beats all advertising; they already know our Reliable Machinery high quality and excellent service, so it only took two months from project inquiry to place the order.

The customer purchased 1200BPH 5L bottle filling line & 2000BPH 330ml bottle filling line. From the water treatment system to the end of line packaging machine, total 3 containers are fully loaded. After completing the busy loading work, we had dinner and chatted with the loading staffs to make a relax. 

We hope all the machines can arrive at the customer's factory in the first time, and we will also arrange overseas engineers to debug and install the entire water filling production line for customers at the site.

From strictly manufacturing to on-time delivery to comprehensive after-sales service, you can totally trust Reliable Machinery.

If you want to know how to produce bottled drinking water and set up your own business, please contact Reliable Machinery Sales Team(Whatsapp: +86 15150250830), and we will share with you all the details.


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